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What makes Serenade different?

Creativity deserves a new, perpetual paycheck

Creativity deserves a new, perpetual paycheck

Artists are constantly asked to extend beyond their music to make a living. We want artists to be artists, and achieve creative independence through authentic art made for fans.

Intimate communities reign supreme

Intimate communities reign supreme

Where an artist can engage a small audience of dedicated fans, they can develop a sustainable career through intimate communities of passion and fandom.

It takes more than pressing play to experience music

It takes more than pressing play to experience music

We're picking up where records,
t-shirts and posters left off, using new technology to champion age-old behaviours of fandom and community identity.

The music industry should be enabled, not disrupted

The music industry should be enabled, not disrupted

All industry stakeholders - labels, publishers, promoters and agents - should be compensated for their IP, because all artefacts contribute to the tapestry of fandom.

And most importantly, we're eco-friendly

You would have to mint 197,000 Serenade NFTs to equal the carbon footprint of a single 12” vinyl.

There's nothing quite as wonderful as stepping foot in a record store and walking out with a fresh new sleeve, but we believe that digital merchandise has the ability to reduce the ecological cost of physical manufacturing and experiences, and yield a net positive benefit for the environment.

Serenade sits on a layer 2 Ethereum blockchain called Polygon. When compared to other leading blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon's carbon footprint is 44,000 times smaller.

This is a result of Polygon's 'Proof-of-Stake' authentication method that is far more efficient than a direct-to-Ethereum 'Proof-of-Work' approach. Instead of competing to complete the energy-intensive algorithm as in a Proof-of-Work system, Proof-of-Stake systems select a validator at random to do the work - avoiding the duplication of effort and competition for energy consumer.

Taking into account that Polygon can facilitate over 7,000 transactions per second in comparison to Ethereum's 15 per second, 1 Serenade NFT produces 0.00253678g carbon, or 1/10th of 1 tweet (0.02g).

Our carbon footprint

Graph showing comparisons of producing NFTs compared to vinyl records


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