Uncertain Joys


Uncertain Joys

Album | Edition of 100


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Behind the music

The Subways are proud to announce a special digital version of their brand new 5th studio album, Uncertain Joys, which will whisk the listener on a voyage beyond the scenes of creating a contemporary rock classic. Strictly limited (to 100) and forever digitally etched with your name - this special edition is packed with B-Sides, alternative artwork, behind the scene photographs, acoustic versions and a remarkable track by track dive into each track on the record delivered by Billy Lunn. This isn’t listening to the record. This is LIVING the record. Enjoy.


Performed by

The Subways

Written by

William Morgan, Charlotte Jenkinson, Joshua Morgan, Adrian Bushby

Produced by

Billy Lunn, Adrian Bushby

Art by

Sarah Foley, Dots Of Joy

Record label


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