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UP! Is an irresistible pop RnB gem written by Kota Banks and her longtime collaborator Chunkyluv. Kota: “UP! Is a really special song. It feels like it belongs in the early and late 2000’s simultaneously. I can’t explain it, it’s like a nostalgic throw-forward. It was inspired by my frustrations that the person I was really into was potentially not reciprocating my energy. I wanted the lyrics to depict a really intense internal conflict, but to hear them against a more flirtatious, fun soundscape. We are releasing only 300 copies of this song, exclusively on Serenade. For $5 you’ll own the song, and be not only a fan, but an investor. I believe music in this form is something that will be worth a lot more in the future! I’m so excited to be one of the first artists releasing music like this, because it gives the power back to the artist. If you’re passionate about musicians getting paid properly for their hard-work, the most amazing thing you could do is invest in something like this. Love you!”




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